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See your real estate investments clearly.                                                          

We are a group of real estate investors that help other busy professionals invest in conservative real estate investments such as apartments.  Our investments help provide more financial freedom for you and your family.


1. Target investments that are lower in risk

2. Conservatively underwrite the investment

3. Target value-add properties to create an upside and a more attractive return to our investors in a market that has shown significant growth

4. Rebrand the property and make it attractive to sell at a later date

5. Make the property an improved community for families to enjoy

6. Target a 3-6 year hold on the property

How does it work?

1. Our team receives information on a property for sale

2. We evaluate the financials and underwrite the property

3. Our team tours the property with listing broker

4. We make an offer

5. Our offer gets accepted and we get under contract

6. We perform our due diligence

7. We raise capital from our passive investors

8. We stabilize and improve the property

9. Our passive investors relax and let us do the work

10. Our passive investors get paid monthly or quarterly

11. Investors get paid again when we sell the property

12. Investors can cash-out or reinvest on another deal

Jaime Gonzalez, Co-Founder
Hoa Nguyen, Co-Founder

Dr. Jaime Gonzalez and Dr. Hoa Nguyen are sophisticated, accredited real estate investors that spend much of their time analyzing deals in the real estate market.  They own interest in over 2300+ apartment units in their portfolio worth over $170MM.  They have experience in domestic and international real estate investments.  Domestically, Jaime and Hoa concentrate on growing markets such as Texas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia to implement their investment strategy.  Internationally, they own multiple successful investments in Belize, Nicaragua, and Panama.  They owe much of their real estate success to their personal mentor Brad Sumrok and to their strategic parter David Thompson.  Other current strategic partners include Ashcroft Capital, Wildhorn Capital, Reliant Real Estate Management, and Covemark Group.


Jaime and Hoa graduated with letters of excellence at the University of Houston College of Optometry in 2006.  They own two very successful multimillion dollar optometry practices in Dallas and Plano, Texas.  Eye Pieces (their two optometry practices) have been selected as the premier eye care facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for treating eye disease, primary eye care, customer excellence, and best opticals in the area.

They pride themselves in making sure their investors are well informed to make sophisticated investing decisions in conservative investments.  They both love to attend many seminars regarding real estate, eye care, nutrition, healthcare, and international markets.  Jaime and Hoa also have personal life/wealth coaches to help them advance and succeed on a much larger scale.  


Jaime was raised in Dallas, Texas and Hoa was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.  They have been married since 2009 and in their spare time love to travel, perform charity work, give nutrition advice, and spend time with their young daughter Ninja Athena.

12P_4700a (1).JPG
Oasis Springs

Oasis Springs

Location: Hurst, TX # Units: 154 Year: 1979 Class: C

Prairie Court

Prairie Court

Location: Hurst, TX # Units: 123 Year: 1967 Class: C

Cooper Park

Cooper Park

Location: Arlington, TX # Units: 184 Year: 1984 Class: C

4000 Horizon Hill

4000 Horizon Hill

Location: San Antonio, TX # Units: 273 Year: 1982 Class: B+

Knoll Crest

Knoll Crest

Location: San Antonio, TX # Units: 264 Year: 1985 Class: B

Ridge on Randol

Ridge on Randol

Location: Fort Worth, TX # Units: 356 Year: 1984 Class: B

The Montgomery

The Montgomery

Location: Fort Worth, TX # Units: 208 Year: 1984 Class: B

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