What We Do

  • We help busy professionals like yourself invest in hassle-free, income-producing real estate that ultimately creates more choices to live life on your own terms!

  • We select experienced operator partners that invest in select niches that have a history of strong cash flows and are projected to continue to perform well, such as:

    • Multi-family Apartments

    • Self Storage Units

    • Mobile Home Parks


Our Model

  • Our team targets investments that are expected to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns over the life of the project

  • We favor strong growth markets and areas in the path of progress

  • Our focus is on value-add, repositioning, and rebranding projects to create attractive upsides and limit downside risk

  • We target holding periods for investors of approximately 5 years with opportunities for refinancing cash-outs once significant value is created

Our Team
Jaime Gonzalez
Co-Founder, 2020 Investments
Therapeutic Optometrist, Eye Pieces

Email:  jaime@eyepiecesinvesting.com

Hoa Nguyen
Co-Founder, 2020 Investments
Therapeutic Optometrist, Eye Pieces

Email:  hoa@eyepiecesinvesting.com

bradpic (2).png
Brad Sumrok
Founder, Brad Sumrok Apartment Investor Mastery
Personal Mentor, Strategic Partner
Email:  support@bradsumrok.com
david-thompson (1).jpg
David Thompson
Founder, Thompson Investing
Strategic Partner
Email: david@thompsoninvesting.com
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